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"It's your time to shine" the new Miss Bikini SS24 collection.

The brand presents its luxury beachwear in the name of body consciousness and inclusivity in a tribute to beauty of all women.

Miss Bikini returned to the catwalk with her show on September 18th at Palazzo Isimbardi, in a preview that ideally opened the Milanese Fashion Week.

The protagonist of the brand's proposals, designed by Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini is, once again, the sea investigated through the gaze of an all-round femininity which, from beachwear to prêt à porter of luxury, is dedicated to making the beauty of every woman shine.

All perfectly summed up in the claim, “It's your time to shine”, which reiterates Miss Bikini's philosophy of making the exclusivity of luxury inclusive.

A challenge and at the same time a mission that originates from the textures and prints selected by virtue of their coefficient of sensuality and originality that characterizes the essence of a sophisticated and attentive woman that he wears.

The iconic Black&White and the Capsule Colors, an emblematic expression of solid colour, make their debut officially on the catwalk next to the historical prints of Miss Bikini in an intense chromatic research which recalls the warm tones of the earth: brown and rust, mustard and terracotta, meet the brilliant turquoises and green, accompanied by the vitaminic fuchsia and orange, ideal accomplices to enhance the precise constructions of costumes.

The skilful métissage of different patterns and fabrics meets the tailoring typical of Miss Bikini's style, which continues its path of valorising female physicality of all types, accompanying them sinuosities and satisfying the needs of every silhouette.

A proposal full of variations, in which bikinis and the one-pieces, treated as unique pieces and embellished with degradé colored rhinestones, sophisticated fringes and workmanship new, explore a wider range of sizes, keeping the brand's identity approach unchanged,refined and captivating.

Because beauty is made of uniqueness, diversity and that added value in which the measurements don't matter.

Completing Miss Bikini's lifestyle is the beach couture line which comes in garments perfect for both dailywear and for the evening.

Refined workmanship enhances an idea of luxury that embodies a precious aesthetic, resplendent with sparkles among long dresses, soft shirtdresses, sparkling bralettes and trousers that caress the body along with versatile kimonos.

The Miss Bikini collection is enriched by Giove sulla Luna jewels, designed by Monica Petrella: handmade jewels which naturally fit into the brand's proposal, enhancing its artisanal soul and amplifying the wild mood of the story on the catwalk among flowers, leaves and a decidedly tropical atmosphere.

Interpreter of the style of Miss Bikini is Clara, singer and actress revelation of the Italian cult TV series "Mare Fuori", chosen by virtue of the multifaceted model of femininity she represents, whose mix of charm and character is found perfectly in the spirit of the brand.

Not only.

Because the artist ideally symbolizes Miss Bikini's commitment in raising public awareness of a context of hardship and violence such as that is depicted in the successful fiction to ensure that there can be real change.

Miss Bikini represents a complete lifestyle that is experiencing a moment of great international success: "the beating heart of the growth plan - declares the CEO and founder of the brand, Andrea Teofilatto - it remains Europe with a particular look at the American continent".

A natural step that follows the openings in the most exclusive and renowned destinations on the international scene, but also the expansion in Brazil, which began at the end of 2022, with the inauguration of a store in Rio de Janeiro and which will continue in 2023 with openings in Ipanema and Sao Paulo.

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