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Anteprima presents the vegetable dyed collection, "Re-Rooted Nature".

For Anteprima, the constant attention to sustainability is manifested through a celebration of the intrinsic connection between nature, the maison's heritage, and craftsmanship. From this commitment arises the re-rooted nature collection.

The collection stands out for its perfect harmony with Anteprima's philosophy: each piece captures the essence of natural elements, in an atmosphere of calm and serenity, reflecting the desire for a lifestyle that aims to reclaim one's natural rhythms, inviting the pursuit of a balance between the vibrant world of fashion and inner exploration. 'We believe in the harmonious synergy between fashion and sustainability. Our exploration of botanical dyes for fabrics is a testament to our deep respect for nature. Every garment we create not only enchants with its elegance but also honors the environment, weaving threads of respect and responsibility into every fabric,' stated Anteprima's creative director Izumi Ogino.

The collection is divided into three distinctive lines: the first, in SILK, features pieces such as loose blouses, wide-leg pants, and voluminous dresses, all characterized by the use of vegetable dyes on three different materials but in the same color tone.

The LINEN line offers garments dyed with natural colorants, including a loose shirt, providing an opportunity to create elegant and sophisticated ensembles.

he JERSEY line presents two essential and trendy pieces, including a wide-shoulder top and a loose crop top, enriched with embroidered details.

Anteprima's RE-ROOTED NATURE collection aims to highlight the importance of maintaining artisanal traditions while simultaneously promoting sustainable and innovative growth.

It is a form of deep and layered fashion, reserved for those who understand its meaning and possess a profound sense of observation.

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