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La Milanese DOC, Capsule Collection ss24.

The voice and the style of the true true Milanese in fashion.

In Italian the acronym D.O.C. (DOC) establishes and guarantees the provenance and quality (and other criteria) of a typical product.

It is also used more generally, as a metaphor, to describe the provenance and origin of people -- "un milanese DOC", a true true Milanese.

And a true true Milanese is Gaia Tagliabue, 27 years old and daughter of a Milanese entrepreneur and a housewife mother.

Gaia has a degree in Psychology and Business Management from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, and in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management obtained at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.

In the summer of 2022, Gaia Tagliabue opened an Instagram page: @la.milanesedoc. The page is characterized by ironic posts about the all-female lifestyle of Milanese women (the ones truly from Milan).

Gaia's Instagram page reflects her life in Milan: her Milanese grandparents used to take her for snacks at Cova and to watch ballets at the Teatro alla Scala; they taught her the authentic "Milanese bon ton."

Her mother closely followed her growth, with a classical dance education and an emphasis on attention to detail, Milanese traditions, and fashion.

On the other hand, her entrepreneur father taught her to aspire to be an "independent, determined, and successful Milanese woman."

Gaia has always been teased and identified by friends and acquaintances for her typical Milanese mannerisms and style of dressing.

The Instagram page features ironic posts that lighten up the life of a Milanese woman. The identity remains anonymous and hidden, with the goal of leaving Gaia's followers with the question: "Who is the Milanese Doc?"

In October 2023, Gaia launched her first e-commerce, which is currently active.

The SS24 Shooting:

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