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"La Nanna", Simon Cracker F/W 2024-2025.

Calm down.

The world is busting frantically, there’s too much noise, and this time the fashion designer decided to tell a different state of mind.

‘La nanna’ is that magic moment just before you fall asleep, where everything becomes

blurred, lines go out of focus, colors fade and consciousness drifts.

It’s the moment when, as James Joyce tells, the stream of consciousness happens.

The clothes are as always constructed and deconstructed with the upcycling technique, but we want to point out clearly that upcycling is a tool and not an end, the stories we tell are far more deep and articulated.

Banana Yoshimoto, with her 1989 book ‘Asleep’ guided us in conceiving sleep

as a powerful form of protection and self-care.

This translates in a faded color palette created by dyeing already assembled garments and observing the different shades that came out.

The clothes look dusty or wet by the rain thanks to old opaque sequins, and

silvery paints.

Sharpness is softened, the ‘patina’ of time that changes objects and identities lays on traditional men’s tailoring, a strong part of our DNA.

Pearls fall of felted fabrics and old bed sheets like the light of the moon.

We invited Sue Clowes to have a nap with us: in her refuge far from noise, she hand-printed with her dreamy vision the collection’s denim garments.

We still believe that the only rebellion possible today can be pursued through knowledge but even more through kindness.

Sleep tight Simone and Filippo, to whom this collection is dedicated.

A very special thank to Carla Sozzani for having been in our minds, Meg our pagan queen warrior, Sue Clowes, Boyrebecca, Pietro Sedda, Protopapa and Arca Milano for giving us the most beautiful home for this collection, Andrea Boschetti, Susi Foschi, Benedetta Carollo, Daniele Dimasi for the dreamy soundtrack, Gena Marvin, Marina Guidi, Christina Holm, Maximilian Linz, Marcello Pilade, Maria Aminta, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, but most of all to the Cracker Crew that supports us with unconditional love and trust.

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