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Martino Midali for Wall Of Dolls.

Two creations from the brand for the ten-year anniversary of the wall of dolls against femicides.

Article by Marco Lorè

Martino Midali renews once again his powerful message to combat violence and discrimination against women by choosing to support “Wall of Dolls,” the symbolic installation at Via de Amicis 2 in Milan, which today celebrates its tenth anniversary.

On the occasion of the regeneration of the Wall of Dolls—inaugurated on June 21, 2014, on the initiative of Jo Squillo and becoming an ONLUS in 2019, chaired by Francesca Carollo—the Milanese designer's brand will hang two new creations that ideally represent the identity of an inclusive and integrative project where everyone's contribution is essential.

Two oversized t-shirts, one entirely red with red details symbolizing the fight against violence towards women, alongside another with wide stripes in jersey, the brand's signature material, will be worn by Martino Midali's dolls that will be hung on the Wall of Dolls.

This will take place on June 22 starting at 4 PM during an event featuring artists and DJ sets, with the participation of associations at the forefront of combating violence against women, and the co-founders of the ONLUS, Jo Squillo, Giusy Versace, and Francesca Carollo, along with representatives from other Italian branches of "Wall of Dolls," including the city of Messina, to whose wall Martino Midali has contributed.

"Awareness, education, respect, and sharing are the only weapons with which we can and must fight the scourge of femicide, contributing to changing everyone's mentality and stimulating that cultural change that is more necessary today than ever," commented Martino Midali on the occasion of an anniversary that represents an important moment for Milan.

Because it is not only the wall that is being renewed, but also its social objective, which over time has made it a symbolic place in the city.

Today, it also includes awareness and protection actions (such as those concerning the children of victims), making it increasingly essential.

Wall of Dolls, born in June 2014 during Men's Fashion Week with the participation of various designers, is a place of reflection and social denunciation, noted in several tourist guides as one of Milan's must-see sites. It is a permanent installation that draws on an ancient Indian tradition, where a doll is affixed to a woman's door every time she suffers violence. Anyone can visit the "Wall" and hang their doll as a testament to the fight against violence towards women. Designers, artists, associations, journalists, lawyers, doctors, citizens... everyone has contributed to the realization of "Wall of Dolls," which has expanded over the years, becoming a permanent symbol of the city and replicating at the Alda Merini House of Arts.


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