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Martino Midali unveils the capsule collection "Sporty Chic" to celebrate World Sports Day.

The capsule embodies the spirit of ultra-light sporty-chic style, a trend that infiltrates the wardrobes of both men and women with a mix of versatility and effortless elegance.

Martino Midali offers a perfect combination of practicality and sophistication, designed for an eclectic audience with easy-to-wear garments, ideal for mixing and matching and comfortable for all-day wear.

From clean and minimalist lines to functional details, each piece is designed to provide a balanced mix of performance and style.

Knitwear takes center stage: simple and essential with generous volumes, with and without hoods, offered in solid colors such as lime, blue, and white, just like the accompanying trousers, perfect for a casual, comfortable, and refreshing look to wear with utmost freedom.

Wide silhouettes are also featured in tailored-cut trousers to evoke a sense of quiet luxury, minimal yet contemporary, much like the long cardigan, a chic ally for the mid-season outfit.

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