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Maryling, the new dress code for spring is called University.

Impeccable fit and a taste for unconventional combinations are the rules to follow to experience spring marked by essential and never predictable elegance, focusing on the simplicity of lines as a statement of style.

Article by Marco Lorè

An urban and informal soul embraces this new concept of classic according to MARYLING, encapsulated in its UNIVERSITY proposal and expressed in an ensemble to be worn every day to always be perfect.

The brand's seasonal dress code chooses a strict and minimal garment such as the long and wide striped cotton shirt and breaks it with a double contrasting patterned band for an unconventional effect.

The opposites attract and converge in the slip dress - which recalls the shirt both in the striped cotton fabric and in the contrasting insert - with a fluid shape created under a vacation-chic spirit, amplified by its thin straps and deep neckline.

The very concept of reuse is clear, which alludes to the extraordinary process of creating an identity.

The collection subverts expectations by encouraging a playful reinvention of self.

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