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“Maryling University, finding the new you”, new Maryling Ss24 collection.

This manifesto and declaration of intent is enclosed in the SS24 collection of MARYLING reflecting life's transformative moments, encompassing the experiences that come with venturing into the unknown, filled with curiosity and the freedom to explore.

It is precisely the personal exploration of life by contemporary artists that becomes the key to understanding the inspiration of the brand, which relies on both pop icons like Britney Spears and protagonists of the artistic milieu — Michael Landy, Tracey Emin, and Magdalena Abakanowicz — capable of reviewing their own lives through a highly spectacular personal filter and with the help, of course, of sculpture and painting, photography and embroidery, but also with destruction and frozen images of moments lived and recreated.

It is here that the path of the individual artist — his or her playful and nostalgic vision and the emotional element never disconnected from practical activities — creates an archetype of the university experience, in which there is room for both selfreinvention and nostalgia for the past.

The ideal starting point is Break Down — the performance art that brought Michael Landy to the fore, centered on the destruction of all his possessions in an ideal investigation into everyone's real needs — on which the key looks of the MARYLING proposal are based.

The artist's audacity has been channeled into the daring collage of prints that characterizes the collection, as well as suggesting the idea of self-care and self-respect typical of the MARYLING woman whose wardrobe reflects her identity.

There are unexpected combinations of colors that include elephant gray, daffodil yellow and indigo blue, lit up by neon accents and framed by darker shades and classic black and white.

Tie-inspired stripes are applied, like prints, to hems while organic knit textures featuring geek-chic diamonds and chevrons use cashmere, mohair and wool as a base.

The vintage touch of the collection continues in printed silk, georgette and satin in bright colors that pay homage to the past and the inherent novelty of newness.

Shapes are sartorial and sleek, often combined with multicolored silk while dresses are layered and create eclectic combinations.

The very concept of reuse is clear, which alludes to the extraordinary process of creating an identity.

The collection subverts expectations by encouraging a playful reinvention of self.

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