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Milan Fashion Week fall 2023 Menswear: Jordan Luca Men/Womenswear FW 2023-2024 new collection.

The co-lab with Lonsdale and the "bulldog" shoulder, with its dynamic roundness, are the novelties brought to the catwalk by the Italian-English duo Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto.

The Armageddon, the Final Judgment, it's not the definitive end, but rather it's a moment in which we are suspended in uncertainty, the present in which what awaits us could be destruction or liberation from it.

Amazing Italian-English duo Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto have departed from this reflection on the contemporary for a collection that examines the apparent opposites, chaos and order and the way in which they interact.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The focus is on body language.

The roundness of the "bulldog" shoulder and its sense of forward movement express a warrior-like energy, so that those who wear the items, from coats to knitwear, seem slightly bent but not defeated.

Dynamism is also expressed by the printed silk skirts and dresses, by the fabrics with rough pleating on the front, by the cowboy boots.

The first co-lab with the urban sportswear brand Lonsdale, with which Jordanluca shares the subversive and countercultural London view and interest in heritage, takes the stage.

Between prints, such as "Harder faster", because we continue to move at logarithmic speed in these strange times, and a rereading of archive pieces, wardrobe is

purified from reductive and outdated categorizations and the clothing items are the people.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The message, therefore, is clear: despite the uncertainties and worries, we must evolve ourselves, look and go beyond without any further constraints.

Without any further prejudices.

Photos by Marco Lorè


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