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"Mini me bag", my bag is like me, tailored and custom-made, unique like every woman.

Tailored like a bespoke suit, exclusive as only a unique piece can be, authentic like every woman: the "Mini Me Bag" by A5o4 is a declaration of independence.

Small and compact, designed to hold all the essentials, its geometric base with a flap closure offers endless possibilities that make each bag unique.

From the choice of materials to the colors, from the adjustable double handles to the removable shoulder strap, the 'Mini Me Bag' is the blank canvas on which to paint one's identity, an accessory that speaks of the person wearing it, expressing authenticity.

Entirely handmade by Neapolitan artisans, it encapsulates the exclusivity of a unique piece, just like those who choose not to conform.

Available in leather in army, scarlet, red marron, off white, black, leather, and onion, the patent version is offered in black or barolo.

Impossible to find two identical ones: each bag is a unique piece, the result of a high-quality production process that focuses only on brushed or napped leathers, worked by hand, strictly using vegetable tanning.

Four diverse and complementary women, two generations in comparison, needs and passions revealed in a hotel room: this is how Autentica 504 was born, the brand of clothing and accessories. Everything comes to life from the meeting between Donata Ceccarelli and Andrea Isaia, Co-Founders, and Monica Palmieri and Francesca Merloni, Business Angels.

Women of different ages and personalities, yet united by a common dream.

Extreme attention to the quality of processes and materials used, artisanal wisdom of production districts, and research are the chosen tools to make Autentica504 true to its name and mission.

A substance that today is made of handmade leather products in Italy by expert artisans, following an incessant search for materials and authenticity while seeking an increasingly defined voice.

Authentic, just like every woman, 504, like that famous hotel room where that initial thought took shape and substance.

To ensure the exclusivity of the proposal, productions are deliberately limited.

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