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"No Time to Design, No Time to Explain", concept fashion show and ss24 new collection by Avavav.

The creative director of Avavav, Beate Karlsson, returns to the stage of Milan Fashion Week with a sketch that is as ironic as it is provocative, becoming viral on social media within a few minutes.

Photo by Marco Lorè

The designer, Beate Karlsson, presented a unique and thought-provoking showcase that intentionally represented the industry's unrealistic standards and timeframes.

The collection featured innovative designs and contemporary aesthetics, pushing boundaries and experimenting with bold colors and unconventional silhouettes.

Avavav focused on creating stylish and comfortable garments, potentially incorporating sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly practices.

The collection included a mix of casual and formal wear, statement pieces, intricate embellishments, and a combination of vibrant hues and soft pastels.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The runway show showcased stress-induced models rushing down the runway, still putting finishing touches on their outfits, highlighting the unattainable turnaround times associated with the fashion industry.

If time is the supreme currency, it seems undisputable that 99% of us live in scarcity.

A reflection both on the designer’s personal life and on the fashion system at large, AVAVAV SS24 Collection “No Time to Design” left the audience no time to breathe or fully grasp what was going on: models rushing like there’s no tomorrow stormed the catwalk and disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

Photos by Marco Lorè

If a designer has no time to design, why should the audience have the time to properly experience their creations?

Like in a therapy session, guests witnessed the outburst of designer Beate Karlsson, the patient under analysis.

She is stressed, angry, and confused.

She loves her work but does not accept the anxiety and frustration it brings.

"This collection was about the frustration, anger, and anxiety that this stress creates, and the irony within it," confesses the designer.

"Come on, you're going to be late!" shouts the AVAVAV staff as they push the models onto the runway. However, there is no cure for stress, but that doesn't mean there isn't a solution.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Fortunately, Beate Karlsson has found her therapy: revealing to the world the frenetic and sick mechanisms that keep the fashion industry alive.

How? Through a non-runway show, where models abandon their sensual gait to unleash madness: some run, some push, some are halfway dressed, and some are not dressed at all or struggle to put on the rest of the runway clothes.

The models, with their makeup in distress, have disheveled hair with a wet effect. T

his reveals the chaos behind the scenes.

The therapy of Beate Karlsson:

"There is only one time to follow, mine".

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