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Only Italian Fabrics For Maryling's Style.The High-End Brand Chooses Excellence.

Only Italian Fabrics: It's the Decisive Choice of MARYLING, the High-End Pret-a-Porter Brand Founded in Milan in 2010.

Article by Marco Lorè

Since its inception, the brand's mission has been to dress contemporary femininity with effortless, luxurious, and wearable collections.

This direction is underscored by the choice of a design marked by technology and raw materials of certified origin, such as those produced by exclusively Italian companies selected as suppliers.

Indeed, fabrics are the fundamental cornerstone of the feminine and sophisticated collections designed by creative director Avshalom Gur.

Born in Israel and residing in London, Gur had worked for fashion houses such as Chloé, Roberto Cavalli, and Donna Karan before assuming the role of guiding the style of the Italian maison.

A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s, Gur follows a guiding principle in his work: "Individuality makes you shine."

That's why his collections are a continuous creative development of new fabrics, innovative finishes, and unique colors, giving life to garments designed to dress with style from morning to evening, from the office to leisure time, and even special 'night off' occasions.

The key pieces of the wardrobe are all designed to create unique and original mix and match combinations, always embodying luxury and comfort.

A style rewarded by the international success of the brand, which inaugurated its headquarters in Milan, where it has been showcasing since 2010.

In the following 4 years, the brand accelerated its expansion, opening 20 stores worldwide each year.

In February 2024, MARYLING entered the world of department stores by stepping through the doors of Coin Excelsior.

To inaugurate its collaboration with one of the most prestigious and widespread department stores in the country, the brand opened its first corner in both the Milanese store at City Life and in Como.

2024 promises to be a vibrant year for MARYLING, which is increasingly focusing on retail strategy to spread its offerings widely.

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