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Overknee high heels boots: what a passion!

Elegant, sensual, strong-willed. The return of the Overknee High Heels Boots in fashion!

Undoubtedly, the most powerful symbol of allurement when it comes to footwear is thigh high boots.

In shoedom, thigh high boots or thigh length boots (or) simply thigh boots are defined as boots that extend over the knees.

The length of thigh high boot could vary from just above the knee to just above the crotch.

Thigh high boots are sometimes also referred to as over-the-knee boots, and especially when cuffed, pirate boots.

Tantalizing thigh high boots are made of different materials such as various leathers, to various synthetic materials like latex, vinyl and polyurethane and fabrics such as silk, polyester microfiber. High heels are more popular in thigh high boots. Though lower height versions are available, heels greater than three inch and reaching out to seven inches are more popular when it comes to thigh boots.

“Thigh high boots are associated with all women; however, tall women look best in thigh high boots as these tend to draw attention to legs and thighs. Stylists feel slim women should go for tight fitting thigh high boots to highlight their slender figure. Similarly stout ones should go for loose fitting thigh boots to hide their extra weight.


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