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Porto Fashion Week A/W 2023-2024: Davii new collection.

Hard and soft, fluid and geometric: the Davii woman is a sensual warrior.

Photo by Ugo Camera

Hard and soft, fluid and geometric: the Davii woman is a sensual warrior, whose new wardrobe juxtaposes long and draped tunic dresses layered under and over eco-leather sculptural kimonos and structured jackets with glove-shaped sleeves.

The textiles are multiples, and the same fabric is declined in different ways.

Photos by Ugo Camera

Silk can be as soft as chiffon or marble-printed light crepe, and as heavier as organza or couture gazar.

Techno velvet is used for turtleneck tunic dresses or short bubble bombers or martial suits.

Wool for the white long dress which is pleated as 'chiseled stone'.

The Davii woman walks fearless in her boots showing her legs but hiding her neck. Black, white, stone and dragon's blood are her colors.

Photos by Ugo Camera

Fabiano Fernandes dos Santos has established his DAVII brand in 2016 when he left Brazil for Porto and created his first haute couture atelier, after a number of collaborations in Sao Paolo and a 10-year partnership with the Arnaldo Ventura group. In his atelier in Porto, where he is finally indulging his passion for fashion inspired by haute couture and contemporary design, he created his first collection of handmade, unique garments based on eastern volumes and proportions alongside art nouveau pleats and drapes, where materials are as impalpable and flowing as organza and as basic as raw silk , and absolute black and purple hues are lightened by hints of pastel colours and vintage prints featuring the 50’s vivid geometric chromatics.

Photos by Ugo Camera

His iconographic research of printouts reaches out to Persian art and Basqt's Russian Ballets, harmoniously mingling with contemporary tribal influences.

Early in 2019, Fernandes opened his atelier in the Beaux Arts district in Porto, Rua Duque da Terceira 358 , joining the poetics of his clothes with accurate research of objects and furniture as well as international Modern antiques.

Photos by Ugo Camera

His latest collection is showcased in established boutiques in Porto, Madrid, and Milan.

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