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"Portofino Paradise", Brett Johnson SS25 menswear collection.

For the upcoming spring-summer season, Brett Johnson has envisioned an exclusive vacation in Portofino. This iconic place, symbolic of Mediterranean beauty and synonymous with elegance and the sweet life, serves as the perfect backdrop for an exquisitely casual chic wardrobe with a relaxed attitude.

The designer chose to draw inspiration from Portofino's distinctive palette: the colors of the characteristic houses overlooking the harbor, the shades of the pebbles used for the piazzetta's pavement, the blue hues of the sea and clear sky, and the lush vegetation of the hill that embraces the village.

These sophisticated nuances are presented on the garments with an almost watercolor effect, evoking the sensation of a landscape reflected in the bay.

For the next spring-summer season, Brett Johnson envisioned a wardrobe with a calm elegance, extremely lightweight in both materials and constructions.

The suede outerwear has an almost silky touch, the cashmere double shirts and cardigans are weightless, the jersey is ultra-soft on jackets and bermuda shorts, the chino pants are in soft cotton silk, and the suits and shirts are in pure linen.

The knitwear yarns are ultra-light, from cashmere-silk-hemp blends to silk-linen blends.

Everything expresses the highest quality in both fabric selection and craftsmanship.

The plongé leather jackets, reversible, are lined with linen or rainproof technical fabric. The inner linings are in cupro.

The knitwear is double-fronted for bomber jackets, shirt jackets, and cardigans.

Never before has the attention to detail made each piece so precious.

Palladium-plated zippers, genuine horn buttons, waxed drawstrings, embossed padding, and embroidery under the collars of outerwear pieces.

Brett Johnson wanted to push the tailoring care to the extreme even on the most informal garments, creating a concept of deconstructed total look, with contemporary comfort, always luxurious, even in accessories.

The shoes reflect the colors and materials of the clothing.

A novelty is the reinterpretation of espadrilles in a suede moccasin version.

With this collection, Brett Johnson continues to innovate while remaining true to his values, the codes of contemporary quiet luxury.


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