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"Spiral", Byblos Fall/Winter 2024-2025.

A Bridge Between Nature and Technology Through the Spiral.

In a world where the fusion between nature and technology becomes ever more refined and innovative, our latest collection explores this synergy through the prism of the spiral. 

The spiral, a universal symbol of evolution and connection, serves as an interpretive key for a journey that embraces both the micro and the macrocosm, from DNA structures to the spirals of galaxies, illustrating the path of innovation from the past to the future.

BYBLOS is the embodiment of how elements of nature intertwine with technological avantgarde.

The creations are inspired by natural forms such as shells and plant geometries, reinterpreted through high-tech materials to express a futuristic aesthetic. The garments stand out for the use of technical fabrics, such as luminescent Russell fabric, which create luminous three-dimensional effects, varying perception based on the viewing angle.

A prime example is our iconic trench coat, which reinvents its classic shape through the addition of spiral elements that add a distinctive circular volume, especially in the sleeves and the lower part of the belt.

The organic sinuosity also manifests through the innovative use of heat-seal laminates, which embrace and enhance the female figure with organic flows, transforming the garment into a fusion of rigor and fluidity.

The collection ranges from deep black to touches of blue, white, and a vibrant red that recalls the urban high-tech essence of BYBLOS, also integrating eco-furs that adopt ovoid shapes for a contemporary and conscious interpretation.

The evolution of the trench from solid to liquid, transforming into freely flowing silk dresses, represents our vision of versatility and change, emphasizing the continuous transition between different forms and states.

In BYBLOS, the traditional boundaries between various types of garments dissolve, giving life to a collection that explores new creative horizons through the play of volumes and proportions.

Each piece is a testament to our commitment to merge together beauty, innovation, and sustainability, offering a new design language that celebrates the fusion between natural heritage and technological progress.

The BYBLOS collection, a tribute to the spiral as a symbol of connection between the natural and technological world, a collection that not only stands out for its innovative design but also for its commitment to a more sustainable, inclusive, and conscious future.

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