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"Spirit", Ferragamo F/W 2024-2025.

The 1920s used clothing as a way to celebrate freedom. And that expression of freedom is something which resonates with me, with my heritage, and with Ferragamo.” – Maximilian Davis.

Maximilian Davis explores the 1920s through his distinctly defined perspective, distilling it to the essence of its liberated identities.

Raised hems and fluid fabrics, dropped waists and relaxed cuts, the visual codes of an era of emancipation are reduced and refined for a collection that reflects the self-expression of the twenties – on both sides of the century.

Davis transforms military uniforms, reminiscent of those from wartime, into wool coats and jackets paired with shorts for men and skirts for women.

The Roaring Twenties are also evoked by prominent elements such as fringes and feathers cascading from coats, falling onto shoes, clinging at chest height on slips.

On the runway, there are short chiffon dresses, double-breasted jackets, trousers, shirts, jumpsuits, and slips.

Among the accessories are boots, cigarette heel sabot, strap sandals, high heels, loafers, and various types of bags.

Among them stand out the Hug Bag decorated with feathers and a soft model inspired by the shape of the lily flower.

Elements of utility are not lacking, with fishing garments and a masculine style; then there are the cashmere cabans with maxi belts and martingales, sequined flipper dresses, maxi knitted cardigans, knitted minidresses, and cuissards as footwear. Covering the looks are the coats, a sign of discretion and protection. The palette focuses on shades of loden green, ochre, black, and dazzling ultra-red. Thus, a precious minimalism is unleashed that starts from history and makes it contemporary and current.

Alongside lacquered organdie dresses and hyper-feminine transparencies, feathered finishes and sequinned embroideries, the wardrobes of women who chose to dress in masculine silhouettes are reflected in broad shoulders; heavy wools; supple leathers.

In tailoring, sharp, sculptural lapels connote a surrealist spirit, their proportions distorted, the effect of their form echoing rayograph portraiture. 

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