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Surkana: A tattoo to be reborn.

The brand presents its initiative in support of women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, offering them the opportunity to have the nipple and areola tattooed for free at a tattoo studio in Valencia on the occasion of the upcoming International Women's Day celebration.

For women, and especially with women, Surkana is writing another chapter of its female-focused story by promoting an important social initiative on the occasion of the upcoming March 8th.

The brand has chosen to stand by women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, allowing them to benefit from a free tattoo of the nipple and areola.

To do this, Surkana will donate a percentage of the proceeds from sales made in its physical and online stores on International Women's Day to the Arte Salvaje center in Valencia (, which will provide tattooing services to restore areola-nipple pigmentation to those who request it.

The tattoo thus becomes a fundamental and helpful tool for improving psychological recovery after surgery, overcoming a debilitating aesthetic gap, and allowing individuals to regain confidence in their bodies after illness.

This project embodies the essence of Surkana's summer collection, dedicated to tattoos, putting it at the service of femininity from a human perspective and highlighting once again its sensitivity in supporting the well-being of individuals and the environment in which they live.

For all the details of the initiative, please contact the studio at: +34 645 35 26 85.

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