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Surkana: fun winter, fun life!

"Fun Capsule" the knitwear collection for a colorful winter.

It's spelled Fun, but it's pronounced color: it's the new capsule collection by Surkana that translates winter vibes into a colorful and, above all, fun key to respond to the cold with all the energy of its style.

The protagonist is knitwear, which becomes the perfect canvas to welcome the brand's lively DNA and open it up to experimentation through pop combinations, strong and vibrant colors, iconic pieces that can single-handedly transform any look.

Fluid and contemporary, Surkana's knitwear chooses the basic shapes and clean lines of the female wardrobe - cardigans, sweaters in various variations alongside slightly cropped dresses and pants - exploring their potential through a palette that doesn't go unnoticed.

Pop and fluorescent shades, combined with classic nuances, create unprecedented patterns, explosive geometries, and unexpected combinations that surprise and, above all, entertain, bringing light to winter.

A collection to wear without moderation, which also includes a proposal of super-vitamin accessories: hats and scarves alongside quilted shoppers and practical collars, all strictly not coordinated! Because mix & match - of patterns, colors, sizes - is the only rule to live a colorful winter with Surkana's fun style.

Surkana was founded in 2002, and the journey and experiences that stem from it have always been the sources of inspiration for its collections.

What matters is not the destination but the experience one has during the journey because Surkana is a fashion brand that goes beyond just fashion itself.

The brand's identity is represented by the people who live, experience, and observe the real world around them.

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