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The culture of travel: the new Valigeria campaign by Gucci.

Ryan Gosling is the protagonist of the new Gucci campaign.

The new Gucci Valigeria campaign takes its cue from the story of the founder of the brand, Guccio Gucci, who left very young for London where found work as a porter at the Savoy Hotel.

It is thanks to this experience that he was fascinated by the expressiveness of travelers' luggage.

For the creative director Alessandro Michele, luggage is not just a simple and mere container and from this concept the idea for the advertising campaign,starring the Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, was born.

"“Travel for Gucci was never purely physical. Gucci is the brand that accompanied the artists, writers, actors, and directors of Hollywood on their journeys…" says Alessandro Michele, "This is why I wanted the advertising campaign to recount a situationist dimension where the protagonist traverses a “non-place” that is first and foremost a mental place, the same as those who, in the past and present, choose Gucci because they grasp the significance of creativity used to build imaginary places."

Dream sequences, arrivals and departures between the real and the fantastic, these are the themes of the shots that photographer Glen Luchford made simultaneously with the realization of the advertising short movie where the "Gucci Savoy" collection is at the center of attention, which includes: trolley, soft and rigid suitcases, duffle bags, trunks, hat boxes and beauty cases.

Classic and contemporary elements shine in concert with a timeless aesthetic.


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