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The New Pieces From Davide Apolloni's "LO-VE" Collection At The 2024 Salone Satellite

Creative and environmentally sensitive, curious about the production phases, designer Davide Apolloni expands his "Lo-Ve" collection with new pieces, continuing the exploration with steel tubulars.

The "Lo-Ve" collection exhibited at the Salone Satellite in 2023 expands this year with the addition of six new products.

Each piece reflects Davide Apolloni's design language, oriented towards simplicity, distinguished by the use of gentle curves.

Among the new pieces to be presented this year, the standout is the rectangular Jamil table, the Yu armchair transformed into a loveseat - demonstrating the designer's intention to create a family of pieces that complement each other harmoniously - and the Lancia lamp, steel on marble, elegant and minimalist, representing Apolloni's first approach to the world of lighting.

By transforming otherwise unused materials, he has created small, unique works of art: a rug made from scraps of upholstery fabric production and a small table crafted from leftovers of marble production.

This is the result of his interest in sustainability and innovation.

"The 'Lo-Ve' collection is the result of passion for design and inspiration drawn from company visits," says Davide Apolloni, enthusiastic about exhibiting again this year.

The collection was born while he was studying at the Architectural Association in London during his thesis, in which he explored furniture production in Italy in relation to the territory and climate change.

Thus, while visiting furniture companies, he happened to encounter an enterprising octogenarian entrepreneur who, noticing his passion and curiosity, encouraged him to turn his designs into reality.

Projects that have been recognized for their beauty.

The "Lo-Ve" table immediately caught the attention of the curators of La Rinascente in Milan, who selected it, along with other emerging talents, to exhibit in the heart of the city.

Davide Apolloni's debut at the Salone Satellite coincides with the foundation of his studio, Apolloni Design, in Milan.

Born in Como and raised in New York, Davide Apolloni has cultivated an international education, studying between Milan and London, graduating from the Architectural Association in London, a prestigious London university where internationally renowned architects have studied.

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