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The Partnership Between Tombolini And Al-Nassr, The Highly Decorated Saudi Football Team, Is Underway.

The Italian brand will be the formal wear sponsor of the football club, which includes many champions such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo Brozovic, and Sadio Mané.

Article by Marco Lorè

Silvio Calvigioni Tombolini e Guido Fienga, CEO AL NASSR

International football increasingly chooses Italian style to confirm its image even off the field, relying on brands that share values and passions that transcend the sporting aspect.

This is the context for the new partnership agreement that Tombolini has signed with Al-Nassr, one of the most decorated football clubs in Saudi Arabia, featuring many champions such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo Brozovic, and Sadio Mané.

Under the newly formalized agreement, the Italian brand will become the official formal wear sponsor for the team starting this season and throughout the next, providing the players, technical staff, and management with custom-made uniforms based on its distinctive aesthetic codes.

For the current season, the highlight will be the suits from the TMB Running collection, a three-piece ensemble in blue consisting of a jacket, trousers, and a hooded T-way, made from a special stretch technical fabric using high-tech jersey.

With a perfect fit, lightweight materials, precise cuts, and attention to detail, this offering is designed to follow the body's movements, making it ideal for athletes.

For the next season, this uniform will be complemented by a second offering from the Zero Gravity line, tailored suits characterized by absolute lightness and made from fine fabrics, rendered weightless by technology that enhances the perfection of the cuts, ensuring maximum softness when worn.

Both proposals feature unique pieces defined by research, craftsmanship, and innovation, where elegance and distinctive tailoring make a difference. And not just on the playing fields.

"Dressing a team means also visually enhancing its power and, at the same time, translating its values that distinguish it aesthetically," stated Silvio Calvigioni Tombolini, marketing and commercial director of a brand with a sports DNA revealed through important collaborations and partnerships, of which this is the latest.

"Associating our name with such a decorated club with strong media hype enhances our connection with sports once more and represents, from a strategic point of view, a further step to confirm our presence in the Middle Eastern market, towards which our internationalization efforts are directed."

Thus, the passion for football and style unite under a single goal: to win on the playing field, even in terms of elegance.

"We chose to have Tombolini's signature on our formal wear due to its distinctive tailoring, which enriches the modern and innovative image that has always characterized our team and made it successful in every aspect," added Al-Nassr CEO Guido Fienga.


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