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Timeless, Just Like Grace Jones.

A-gender, sexy, futuristic, iconic, and inclusive: Grace Jones is the model that inspired the Timeless fashion show, which took place yesterday at the Salone delle Colonne in Eur.

The Jamaican model, actress, and singer, who at 76 years old remains a timeless model of beauty and style, was chosen as a muse precisely because she embodies the values of the collections showcased on the runway for 'Roma Eterna' - International Couture. These collections feature natural fur garments that best represent the essence of timeless fashion.

An eternal style, like the Rome that hosted the show and showcased the product of great craftsmanship.


Amadei Andrea

Bertoletti 1882

Fabrizio Ferrario Furs

Grace Jones


Garments of quality not influenced by seasonal trends, but that remain always in vogue thanks to a simple aesthetic and a style characterized by neutral tones with splashes of color. At the center of the proposal are high-quality raw materials, structured lines, and, above all, a love for niche products. The focus is all on the details, such as the skillful stitching that combines different leathers, playing with weights and volumes (Amadei Andrea), cropped jackets that create silhouettes drawn on the 'puffed' effect of the top (Bertoletti 1882), the mastery of color on the finest leathers to interpret the golden age mood with irony (Fabrizio Ferrario Furs), the linear simplicity of natural tones in quiet luxury choices (Artico), and the ethno-chic sophistication of tricot effect workmanship (Pajaro).

The 15 pieces on the runway were certified at two levels:

  • FurMark®, the international certification that assures consumers by offering collections verified by independent professionals and guarantees natural furs made with production criteria attentive to environmental impact, animal welfare, and people's work.

  • Fur Cycle, the labeling to certify furs capable of telling a story: 'vintage' – with a history of 20 years or more – and 'pre-loved' – with a recent usage history (at least 3 years).


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