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Tombolini Celebrates 60 Years Of Made In Italy At Pitti Uomo With The Capsule ss25 Collection "Ultra Light".

A very light menswear is at the center of the zero gravity project, a new step in sustainable elegance according to the brand, which continues with projects linked to the territory and respect for the environment and people, confirming its link with sports.

Article by Marco Lorè

Passion, manufacturing excellence, and Made in Italy are the key interpretations of Tombolini's philosophy, which, since 1964 to the present day, has best interpreted the style of the contemporary man, creating a luxury characterized by uniqueness, attention to detail, and the use of precious and high-performing materials.

All this is within its 60 years of savoir-faire capable of uniting technological innovation and historical know-how, which the brand has decided to celebrate at Pitti Uomo in a concentration of distinctive sartorial codes where the past and future dialogue to build the menswear of the present.

An updated idea of elegance that arises from respect for the environment and a conscious attitude is encapsulated in the new SS25 Ultra Light capsule collection of Zero Gravity, the project that for 10 years has been the spokesperson of the idea of lightness and tailoring in which the brand's aesthetics are expressed.

The very soft wool and silk fabric - in double twist, weighing only 86 grams per square meter - and the delicacy of the craftsmen's hands that treated it are the very light soul of a continuously evolving male wardrobe created in the name of authentic transformism.

Because style is also the ability to see beyond.

Thus, there are the single-breasted and double-breasted suits and the foldable coat that becomes a neck pillow; the classic shirt paired with the tie and pocket square, which explore the same texture.

Additionally, the two-piece suit with a shirt, tie, and pocket square, whose weight does not exceed 500 grams, is perfect for the evening.

The tuxedo comes in two versions, with a peak lapel or a shawl collar.

For casual wear, there is the suit with a safari jacket, diversified with three t-shirts - two in Scottish thread, one of which has the 60th-anniversary logo, and a very refined one in silk - and to be worn with a novel loafer, made with the same special fabric by Tombolini.

There are two color variants, the iconic blue and a striped pattern.

At Pitti Uomo, Tombolini will also enhance its Zero Impact line, where production techniques shape a collection made with organic and biodegradable yarns and RYC fabrics, using cutting-edge techniques that limit water and CO2 consumption both during production and after purchase, thanks to the ability to wash garments in a washing machine at 30 degrees without the need for ironing.

Tombolini's more formal offering is primarily the outerwear, classic and dynamic, essential for an elegant consumer characterized by innovative fabrics belonging to the world of classics but never predictable.

The details become optional, ranging from buttons to stitching on the lapels.

Among the highlights are the formal T300 – T500 line and the more contemporary slim T800.

The Casual Dream jackets, made in double-breasted and shirt jacket models, are ideal for a contemporary wardrobe and hinge on the easy-to-wear vision.

The successful pairing between TMB Running and the sports universe continues in a continuously updated offering that reflects dynamic elegance in an urban key, where softness and comfort create models designed to adapt to every physique, especially athletes.

Tailored tailoring and ultra-light technical fabrics are featured in those garments that, over time, have characterized collaborations between the Italian brand and international teams and athletes from various disciplines.

Tombolini's collections are structured in proposals designed to meet every need with a single common thread: reflecting the DNA of a company deeply rooted in the Italian territory with which it has always maintained a vital link.

An example of this is the celebration of national excellence with projects that have included, among others, the redevelopment of the historic company headquarters, investments in human capital, and the creation of the Eugenio Tombolini Foundation, which among its programs, also includes a tailoring school.

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