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"Unlightened Particles", new Han Kjøbenhavn ss24 collection at Palazzo Reale in Milan.

A collection with sculptural shapes, special metallic elements, and the launch of a creative collaboration with the leading erotic accessories platform Sinful.

Photo by Marco Lorè

The house of fashion from Denmark presented its SS24 ready-to-wear collection in a show at the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

The historic neoclassical location provided the backdrop for the artistic direction, featuring sculptural forms and contrasts of elegance and brutality.

The show also revealed the creative collaboration between Han Kjøbenhavn and Sinful, the leading platform in Scandinavia for erotic accessories.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen, the artistic director of Han Kjøbenhavn, describes the collection, Unlightened Particles, as a metaphor for uncovering hidden potential in something or someone: "There are always aspects that remain undiscovered or not fully realized.

It's about enlightenment and the discovery of hidden capabilities."

Photos by Marco Lorè

Han Kjøbenhavn is known for merging sculptural forms and craftsmanship with metal elements: Unlightened Particles was no exception.

Handcrafted metallic elements were retained to emphasize the clothing and were implemented into the garments.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Mathilde Machowski, the founder of Sinful, emphasized the interconnectedness of fashion and pleasure, stating: "It's all about exploring and being playful, fashion and pleasure are so well connected.

Photos by Marco Lorè

"We collaborated with Han Kjøbenhavn to unite our passions - art and human desire - to create something that arouses curiosity."

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