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Visions Of Utopia. The Luxury FW25-26 Collection By Mantero: Technical Finishes, Lace Printing, And Reflective Pigments.

The Mantero FW 25-26 collection represents a journey exploring three distinct places that evolve in a crescendo: a room, an intimate space defined by walls; a fascinating and visionary city like Venice; and a planet with alien aspects, Mars. Continuity with previous collections is maintained through the creation of a product that is simple yet marked by extraordinary creative and technical research.

The new cross-cutting elegance is present everywhere but finds its most authentic expression in the first macro-area of the Mantero collection, the Room: an evolution of the much-loved Quiet Luxury of past seasons now blends with workwear.

This is distinguished by the use of formal yet soft fabrics with raw cuts, sabré, weaves, flocking, brushing, and needling.

Other fabrics simulate leather effects like crocodile, ostrich, and elephant, presenting technical finishes on natural materials, such as resins ideal for jacket and pant weights. The key colors of the collection draw inspiration from workwear, featuring teal, olive green, khaki, browns, cocoa, raw whites, and oranges, with two standout bright shades: scarlet red and cobalt blue.

Venice, the second macro-area, is instead a tribute to the quality of fabric processing that simulates garments from another era combined with sublime inspiration in the representation of imposing and utopian skies.

The forms remain simple, while the fabrics come to life with shadows, movements, and soft textures thanks to bouclé and crepon, crumpled and pleated fabrics.

Embroidery and macramé effects add even more three-dimensionality, jacquard is used innovatively, as in the case of the pleats, while the placed print on lace represents a refined and unique addition to the collection.

The aesthetic is feminine in both weights and color palette, which includes ochre, yellow, mauve, purple, pink, smoky, blush, and various neutral tones.

The exploration of Mars, the quintessential red planet, is the inspiration behind the stylistic research of the third macro-area of the luxury collection.

Evolving aesthetic references, the adoption of new trends, and artificial intelligence converge in the creation of experimental fabrics, consistent with Mantero's tradition: velvets with embossed and crackled effects, three-dimensional prints, and foils applied with block printing, and washed effects on jacquard fabrics.

Elegance becomes more austere, almost monastic, responding to the need for a new and radical aesthetic.

The colors range from metallic tones, purples, mauves, and grays. Brown accents amplify the wood grain effect, while burgundy and mesmerizing reds add depth, and chartreuse green is the acidic touch that breaks the austerity.

Neon and reflective elements, with their shimmering effects, emphasize the technical innovation of AtexCo printing.

The Mantero Archive, always a source of inspiration for the company's creativity and a catalyst for the future, played a fundamental role in the design and creation of the luxury FW25-26 fabric collection, utilizing material from the Lasabui collection, delving into hand-made tie-dye effects and the research of applied gradient techniques.

A collection that pays attention to craftsmanship and traditional techniques, translating them into today's innovative world and opening up to future fashion scenarios.

Mantero @ Milano Unica 2024,

July 9/10/11 Moda in Fabrics, Hall 1, Stand D15 - D17


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