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Vivetta SS24 new collection at Milan Fashion Week.

A happy bundle of tiny dots, a handful of hypnotic spheres.

Photos by Alessio Mascia

It all starts with a historical figure, George Beau Brummell, the dandy icon who made polka dots scandalous and popular in 19th – century London.

In a journey to the origins of a timeless pattern, Vivetta’s SS24 reflects on the perfect roundness of dots.

The dots are printed or embroidered, becoming micro and macro.

They are used as contrasting details, such as on a silk organdy dress covered in hand – sewn feathers.

They are removed from the fabric in cutouts, in the holes of pierced denim sprinkled with Swarovski crystals.

They form into unique shapes, like the spherical silhouette of a ball gown.

They can even be fashioned into necklines with long braided stems as laces, ready to blossom into corollas of petals.

Photos by Alessio Mascia

While preserving the essence of this everlasting classic, Vivetta magnifies the polka dots as a virtuoso exercise in special detailing, committing to women who dare to feel free and reject all standardisation without abandoning a timeless wardrobe.

While polka dots are explored and treated as objects, Vivetta’s signature prints evolve into three – dimensional fabric creations resembling flowers. They embrace the body, adorn the décolletage, and close slits.

Photos by Alessio Mascia

Amidst a vast sea of inspiration, the collection is also a tribute to the smock stitch.

With its characteristic pleats, the stitch adds intricate details and reduces volume by gathering the fabric, lending a hyper – feminine daywear feel to otherwise masculine poplin shirts, reflecting the brand’s beloved exercise in dualism.

Constantly striving to elevate the ordinary, Vivetta pushes the boundaries further by experimenting with the smock stitch, transforming it into a fabric for crepe de chine garments, resulting in shorts as comfortable as activewear and body – hugging tops.

Photos by Alessio Mascia

In the new jewellery echoes SS24, handmade by master craftsmen, the polka dots are made into pucks cabochons and boules for modern jewellery pieces.

Unique designs feature stems and leaves that adorn the breast in bejewelled bras, twist around the arms like vines, and frame the face in lacquered necklaces and earrings.

Photos by Alessio Mascia

As for footwear, the kitten heel proves to be the most wanted.

With styles embodying romanticism, purity and irony "à la Vivetta", the slingbacks are made from patent leather and feature heart shaped inlays and bows on pointed toes.

The bon ton pumps are topped with fabric roses and pleated tulle for an elegant touch .

Finally, the boots pay tribute to the circular shape of polka dots, bringing the collection full circle.

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