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“Winter Snowflake Adventure”, Maryling Fall-Winter 2024-2025.

The memory of a day skiing among the snowy peaks of Madonna di Campiglio is the heart of the FW 24/25 collection by Maryling.

A magical immersion in nature that becomes the pretext for creating an elegant and comfortable collection, modern and colorful, which captivatingly reinterprets the evolution of sport and its style - increasingly recognizable, iconic, luxuriously functional - in dialogue with fashion.

At the center is the classic Christmas sweater with hand-made craftsmanship, which, with the skillful use of color block and its traditional knitted pattern, gives life to new desirable items, rich in captivating vibrations.

The inspiration is a mix of artistic fascinations upon which MARYLING builds the soul of its proposal.

Snow art and its patterns born from the hand of Simon Beck, the land artist famous for his works on fresh snow; photographer of snowflakes Wilson A. Bentley, a pioneer in representing a microscopic world, as evanescent as it is fascinating; American artist Doug Aitken, a master in creating architectural mirages with mirrors.

So, the traces on the snow are transformed into printed habotai silk in black and white; mountain landscapes, postcard views, shades of pink, white, and indigo blue design chiffon dresses and amplify the character of down jackets, mountain clothing par excellence, as well as puff bags and quilted scarves.

Furthermore, neoprene takes on psychedelic tones while monochromatic pieces maintain the typical comfort of sportswear, celebrating their essence with vibrant colors designed to stand out on the snow.

And there's still room for knitwear with inlays; jacquards characterized by iconic symbols of the winter season translated into knitted designs and luxurious yarns, along with MARYLING's classic textures such as long wool, cashmere and mohair coats, capes, and tailored outerwear in camel, sand, chocolate, and blush tones.

The patterns reinterpret the concept of skiing holiday with glamour and the beauty of winter amidst frozen trees, mountain peaks, and a warm atmosphere of relaxation.

The lines of the models are inspired by iconic shapes of sportswear scratched by design details, emphasized by luxurious and elegant craftsmanship, bringing snow couture even to the city. 

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