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"Women's Stories", Martino Midali FW 2024-2025.

The brand continues its exploration of the feminine universe with a collection interpreted by models and everyday women who, in the contemporary style of Midali, rediscover their essence.

The feminine essence is a concentrated and versatile blend of style in which every woman recognizes herself and rediscovers her DNA.

Far from compromises and faithful to a single belief, authenticity.

Martino Midali has translated this vision into inclusive and democratic fashion, designed for all women who wear his creations as a manifesto, on them and for them. Just like in the FW24 collection featured on the Milan Fashion Week runway, interpreted not only by models but, as usual, also by 6 ordinary women, all different but united by the choice to wear Martino Midali in their daily lives.

The 70s encapsulated in a coat.

Born from Midali's signature outerwear, a journey through creative inspirations whose shapes and colors become style tout court and explore lines to lead them to an overdrift, the one closest to the brand's world.

Thus, coats like overcoats flirt with silhouettes - more fluid and soft alongside others more slim and belted that accompany the body; they enchant with tartan textures that soften the stricter design; they are boldly Seventies in vibrant red and decidedly sophisticated thanks to the details of the textures.

The irresistible charm of Midali's essential style extends to knitwear, reclaiming soft and flowing forms, enchanting with the layering of soft and interchangeable layers, opening up to new identities, as in the combo of jacket and flared skirt. Fluidity is also the material direction of jersey and its weights, boiled wool, disheveled fabric, denim, and colored fur.

The palette is gentle and enveloping, choosing sugar paper and gray, black&white stripes, fruity cherry, red and black, delicate cream.

A story entirely feminine in which the soul itself is given by the women who, by wearing Martino Midali, have written a chapter of their personal history.

Starting with the volcanic Gisella Borioli, who has made art the center of her life and what she wears, and Chiara Ferella Falda, whose boundless creativity is found exactly in the refined garments of her daily life.

Passion is the engine of Danila Torcoli's existence, who has reinvented herself as an aerial athlete, favoring the softness of the brand, and Barbara Cardamone, a designer of precious jewelry, a witness to a femininity aware of the present but fascinated by the past, enclosed in special pieces that enhance imperfections as proof of the uniqueness of the material and entirely hand-made craftsmanship.

And still, Giovanna Bianchi, who indulges her spirit as a traveler in the nuances of what she wears, and the taste for design of Elisabetta Negri D'Oleggio, who recognizes herself in the defined lines of the brand's proposals.

The FW24 collection by Martino Midali is then made unique by the hats signed Alessandro Finessi, unique pieces created with the same textures as the garments on the runway and born under the sign of those concepts of craftsmanship, tailoring, and exclusivity that have allowed the creative to impose his art.

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