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Yellow fever: who wore it best?

Yellow is a bright and vibrant color, often associated with the summer season and hot days, it is capable of making the wearer feel good.


Yellow it's a shade that conveys good humor and happiness, but it doesn't suit everyone. If there is one thing to understand thanks to the color scheme, it's that choosing the right colors can really make a difference!

In fact, yellow has a very significant light component, and therefore, compared to other colors, has a significant impact on the complexion.”

This means that if yellow is not the right color for you, it could turn your image off in a noticeable way.

This is why it should tend to be worn by women whose characteristics go well with warm colors. Yellow goes well with other colors with similar characteristics, so it is suitable for people with warm tones: if your complexion is olive, amber or golden, the proximity to this color will illuminate your face. But as the color wheel teaches us, each color has many shades, and therefore each season has a different shade of yellow that you can wear. Since yellow is a magnetic color and many just can't help but wear it, below I will explain what is the ideal shade for each season:

Spring is certainly the season that goes best with this color, and which has many shades available to create its looks. The brighter and more lively tones are perfect for Absolute Spring; if you are a light spring you will look great with duller shades; instead, the delicate and pastel shades are ideal for the Chiara Soft Spring.

Even the Autumn Woman can count on many variations of yellow.

If you are an Absolute Autumn you can wear mustard yellow, dark yellow and ocher yellow: these shades are perfect to highlight your figure.

Deep Soft Autumn and Light Soft Autumn, on the other hand, must focus on a duller and less warm yellow, like the shades of mustard, strictly off. The Deep Autumn goes perfectly with more intense and decisive shades of yellow, which, however, must never be too bright.

The yellow indicated for the Winter Woman is cold, and also includes lime, with a hint of green inside: they are beautiful, cold and bright shades that go along well with all the sub-categories of this season.

The Summer Woman, instead, is not enhanced by this color: if you belong to this season and you love yellow, my advice is to avoid wearing garments of this color, but to take it in small doses, for example inside a garment. fantasy, or to wear it on a small accessory or detail.

Another trick may be not to match the yellow to the face, and to choose it perhaps for a skirt or trousers, to be combined with a blouse or a top in a complementary color that is obviously in a palette!


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