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"Zero Gravity" by Tombolini: the lightness of style.

Sartoriality, eco-sustainability, and technology are the new frontier of a men's classic that confronts modernity in relation to style to give voice to elegance.

For Tombolini - Zero Gravity, lightness indicates a path that embraces all the variations of the total look, including accessories, with a complete wardrobe that is the exact reflection of its idea of menswear.

Attention is focused on outerwear that welcomes experimentation with a light touch, where a precise mix of noble textures - wool, silk, and cashmere - interacts with cuts and silhouettes that embrace the body, following it with a soft touch, as in the unlined coats made from a single fabric, with an agile fit.

Alongside the jackets in stretch jersey and cotton velvet, precious and timeless, including the new three-button model with a slightly oversized line.

There is space for the suits where the shirt-jacket in super comfortable stretch wool reinterprets the essence of formalwear for comfort and conceals the inevitable and practical T-way.

For those who prefer a more easy approach, the cardigan made from the same fabric as the jacket is perfect.

Sartoriality takes center stage for "Tombolini Classico", which chooses a more dynamic appeal for its suits and jackets - both lined and unlined.

There are two main trends investigated by the jackets: the first focuses on greater width, both in line and shoulders, while the more classic one has a semi-constructed shoulder of Italian origin. Furthermore, attention is given to the suit, the manifesto of a recognizable and current daily attire, investigated in its double-breasted version, and with the deconstructed casual jacket from the Dream line, also available in a jacket-shirt version.

The men's fashion proposals of the Tombolini brand are many, including sportswear, down jackets and knitwear for the winter season.

It emphasizes the use of high-quality materials like wool, cashmere, and leather, and the exploration of different textures and color palettes in their designs.

It also mentions the versatility and wide range of colors available in their collection, including delicate shades of beige, warm whites paired with grays, bordeaux, chestnut, and orange, as well as pastel shades like pink and green, alongside classic grays, blues, and touches of yellow.

The immersive descriptions depict a brand that values style, quality, and versatility in its offerings.

The TMB Running proposal combines sport and elegance, now an iconic part of the brand for its ability to dynamically interpret contemporary style and combine technical garments with sartorial details.

The innovative aspect is entrusted to washable fabrics and recycled Ryc technical fabrics, both super lightweight and comfortable.

The standout piece of the collection is the running suit, a must-have that evolves season after season, here exploring broader color palettes such as gray, green, and pastel purple.

Additionally, hoodies reinterpreted with nylon details, vests in technical fabrics, sweatshirts, and T-shirts to pair with the jackets are also featured in the collection.

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