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"A Journey to Space" Borsalino new collection a/w 2023-2024.

With the Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection, Borsalino embarks on a new chapter of its illustrious history.

Photo by Marco Lorè

The Head of Style, Jacopo Politi, has adopted the theme of travel, which has always been in the DNA of the House of Alessandria, to take us on an extraterrestrial stroll of discovery through the cosmos.

The outcome is a collection that is forward-looking, for space, with all its mystery, is a suspended horizon that presents opportunities for a better world.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The hats of the Borsalino Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection emit an enchanted light, a radiance that illuminates these bleak times and leads us towards undiscovered destinations, adorned with lurex, strass, holographic effects, laminations, tulle, silver threads and metallic logos.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Cosmic inspirations contaminate both the materials and forms of the collection, exploring new stylistic frontiers.

The felt, a symbol of Borsalino's tradition, also available in a wool version, is enriched with 'nebula', 'Mars soil', and 'starry sky' effects.

Sophisticated colors such as Sunny Moon, Opulence Gray, Fermented Mastic, and Moon Stuck infuse the carry-over models with new energy.

Alongside the classic Fedora, Claudette, and Sophie silhouettes, there are unprecedented contemporary felts: introducing the unisex model with a wide and flat brim Andrea, the baseball-cap Timothee, the two new buckets Noa and Zoe, the ultra-feminine Jo, Kris, and Rossy, and finally, Dario, the first Fedora of the House of Alessandria with removable earmuffs for cold weather.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The Borsalino fabric collection also boasts many novelties that highlight the seasonal themes.

Firstly, the beret makes its grand return in the micro Leslie and maxi Sveva versions.

The baseball cap remains essential with new models such as Yvan, featuring a flat visor with a eyeglass holder loop, and Alix with ear flaps.

While the new bouclé wool beanie is named Sandy, the ultimate novelty is the Cirillo, a rock-climbing model made of technical fabric with honeycomb texture and a 2.0 velcro closure.

Finally, there are proposals in knits: the micro-beanie Enrique, the braided berets Joan and Dora, and the cashmere baseball cap with a soft knit texture, Roger.

Don't miss out on the sophisticated Valentina model.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The Italian actress, model and TV host Elisa Mazzucchelli among the guests of honor at the Borsalino presentation.

Photos by Marco Lorè

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