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“A Matter of Principle”, Simon Cracker SS25 collection.

When we play the card of ‘the matter of principle’, we create a short circuit in communication and interpersonal relations. This card overrides even common sense and presents our interlocutor with an empty vessel, creating a communicative 'knot' that is difficult to untangle.

"We don’t want to be overtly political in our narrative, however, we felt the need to metaphorically recount a state of affairs: today, not using any medium (including fashion) to ignite critical thinking would be a criminal act.

We used knots as a sartorial technique to give our thought concrete form, inspired by the book ‘Knots’ by psychologist Ronald D. Laing, published in 1970.

Our clothes have been created almost exclusively by knotting: flaps of fabric, drawstrings, strings and laces that simultaneously give a sense of union and ornamentation but also of constriction.

The collection is structured in four 'nervous' colours: in addition to absolute black, shades of artificial blue, acid green and violet develop the 'wrong' dyeing effect started with last season."

AUSTRALIAN, a historic Italian brand of tennis apparel first and now sportswear in the broadest sense (and with a foot in club-culture as well), gave us access to an incredible deadstock of semiassembled garments for our upcycled pieces.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the brand's creative team, we developed a capsule of black/neon technical garments, which will be part of the main collection for Australian SS25.

We have also collaborated with DR. MARTENS, the shoes that have always and forever been iconic 'on principle'.

Here too, the brand’s deadstock has been ‘crackerized’ by dyeing, disassembling and customising by hand with pins, badges and pieces of old costume jewellery.

Each pair of shoes is unique, just like our clothes.

This collection is dedicated to the children victims of matters of principle.

IN A MAD WORLD, ONLY THE MAD ARE SANE (Akira Kurosawa - ‘Ran’)

A very special thanks to Arca Milano, Australian, Dr, Martens, Hub Communication, Michelangelo Vood, Luciano Parisi, Giulia Solari, Andrea Boschetti, Jacopo Mezzadri, Melanie Meris, Susi Foschi, Marina Guidi, Christina Holm, Maximilian Linz, Marcello Pilade, Maria Aminta, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana per l’inserimento nel calendario ufficiale, and most of all the Cracker Crew that supports us with un conditional love and trust.


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