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"A Morocco's Journey", Surkana SS25 collection.

The journey to Morocco by Henri Matisse and Jacques Majorelle becomes the heart of the Surkana SS25 collection, which is crafted amid infinite artistic nuances and the most intense evocations of North African nature.

Article by Marco Lorè

A vision of beauty and magic encapsulated in the star proposal of the fashion show held last June 27 in Barcelona at the historic Llotja de Mar, the majestic 14th-century building, emblematic of Catalan Gothic style, which hosted an all-night event capable of combining the city's historical heritage with the brand's contemporary soul.

The vision of nature, concentrated in places reinterpreted by the skilled hands of the artists, along with the fascination for an inexhaustible search for beauty, accompanies the unfolding of an enveloping collection, on which the air of an idyllic and culturally powerful past blows, opening to the investigation of the future starting from the female wardrobe.

Like a canvas, it embraces colors and prints; it enchants with the memory of the iconic Moroccan gardens; it resonates with the echo of the painting of two masters of the 20th century, transforming into creative and free prêt-à-porter.

Because it is designed to dress the daily journey of those who choose it and is studied in a declination of natural fabrics aimed at sustainability, loving the female body as much as the environment.

It lingers on fluid and versatile lines, cloaked in that lightness that becomes the added attribute of the summer season.

It prefers a palette of cheerful and vibrant colors and wants graphics in which the brand's identity – vibrant, rich in details and nuances – is the added ally of joie de vivre.

There are seven directives along which the Surkana collection moves - Tanja, Acanto, and Kashba (spring); Orientale, Ryad, Majorelle (summer); and Natural, the most “natural” collection - and in all of them, you can feel the air blowing through the Medina, a concentrate of exotic flavors and Mediterranean references that runs along the rich vegetation of its gardens and flirts with Art Deco suggestions.

The result is a versatile and joyful wardrobe in which the length of the garments takes center stage, in dresses that explore simplicity by softening it with colors, as in jumpsuits that champion a rediscovered femininity.

Additionally, there are two-piece color block or patterned outfits - striped, floral - where a strategic piece like the vest stands out or, conversely, a dainty blouse alongside the fluidity of shirts and flowing skirts, as well as practical bermudas and sleeveless shirt dresses.

The colors and flavors of Morocco warm Surkana's creations like an embrace: from the neutral tones of desert sand to warmer, earthy hues; from the vibrant greens of vegetation to the orange flashes of the skies, passing through prints that recall the design of the architecture of a country so near and yet so far.

For garments that speak of travel, there couldn’t be a more special partner than MSC Cruises, which, on the occasion of the fashion show, offered four cruises as prizes for the event's guests.

But the surprises didn’t end there, thanks to the support of Glass Canned Wines and Magma Gin Vesuvius, which delighted the palates of the many guests who attended the after-show party.


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