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Amabile's bestseller is Lovli.

The Lovli earring is Amabile Jewels' bestseller and embodies the spirit of the brand in every way.

A bright colored zircon that fits into the pendant design, the result is an elegant and modern piece of jewelry.

Moreover, it adds a touch of color, creating plays of light that will illuminate your face.

The chain, embellished with the zircon at the end, allows for creating many looks thanks to its length, which can be used to adorn lobe piercings, creating a brilliant spiral effect. The Lovli earrings are also perfect for pairing together in double or triple piercings, for an incredible sparkling effect, just like how Martina Strazzer, founder and CEO of Amabile, wears them, or paired with other Amabile jewelry.

Infinite possibilities to never get bored and always have a new and different style.

The success of Lovli has been so overwhelming that Amabile Jewels has dedicated a set to it, the Volume 0 Lovli, a fully customizable box that allows you to choose 8 Lovli from those available to create a personal collection and combinations that best reflect each individual's personality.

Let your beauty shine with LOVLI.

The Lovli line of Amabile Jewels is available on and until January 8th at the temporary Amabile Jewels space in Rinascente Milano Piazza Duomo.


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