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"Apparel", Cult Fall-Winter 2024-2025.

The brand Cult always more lifestyle with the new women collection f/w 2024-2025.

Photo by Marco Lorè

Boldness, femininity, and a distinctive character define the rebel rock mood, scratched by an unconventional aesthetic that doesn't go unnoticed.

The elegance of daring takes center stage in the new womenswear proposal through which Cult perfects its lifestyle idea with the Apparel collection for her in the FW 24/25 season.

Contemporary and swift, the collection encapsulates the essence of the brand translated into pieces capable of expressing themselves through strong volumes and lines, which, in dialogue with each other, convey an idea of sophisticated balance.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Dark and romantic simultaneously, the Cult woman reveals her body with elegance, opting for decisive and sharp cuts, silhouettes that express her identity, strong and powerful colors, keys to understanding a universe that goes beyond trends and rises to icon status.

Variants, serving as a pretext to express personality, play with style and experiment with vivacious interpretations in ever-changing ways.

Starting from outerwear where volume takes center stage: in the brand-new boxy models - in faux leather, bouclé fabric, in the original blazer/bomber hybrids – as well as in the edgy bombers, while softening in long coats and agile puffer jackets.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Refinement and character lie at the heart of parkas and capes with ruffled motifs, sheepskin coats, and sailor-inspired profiles.

The details give the exact measure of a strong and sensual femininity that lingers in knitwear with lace and rhinestones adorning the most basic pieces, in the ribs that slide over the silhouette.

Furthermore, the classicism of jacquard opens up to exploration – in the dress with slip and fringes, in the maxi cardigan with a belt – while the fascination with the corset cut is the protagonist of a carousel of bodysuits that ideally recall the footwear collection.

The knitted dress, experimenting with lengths and material fun, is the perfect expression of a versatile and mixable collection that doesn't shy away from casual tones, as seen in the sweatshirts and trousers - palazzo, cargo, slim, and carrot cuts - but also adapts to an all-day-long approach.

Three moods - sport fashion alongside daily rock and party time - express the essence of a multifaceted collection suitable for every occasion.

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