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"Baratto", Leonardo Valentini Fall-Winter 2025-2025.

"Baratto" is the new seasonless and genderless collection from the brand Leonardo Valentini, previewed with a pre-collection on January 8, 2024 (the birthdate of the fashion designer).

The MAIN 2024-2025 season debuts on the runway with a fashion show inside LINEAPELLE in Milan.

The theme of "baratto" (barter) is interpreted within the context of the couple as an exchange between love and sex, within the realm of nightlife, glamour, and excess.

The logo itself, featuring two Cupids kissing, adopts the theme by wearing Playboy masks on their faces.

The exchange of bodies between angels engaging in sex without gender distinctions is encapsulated by the phrase printed on T-shirts and engraved on jewelry: "ANGELS HAVE NO GENDER BUT HAVE SEX."

The collection's focal point is an overdose of the iconic "Angelic Zebra Print" on silk, stretch, and transparent fabrics, creating strong contrasts between black and white.

The accessories include black vinyl leather and gold jewelry.

The collection explores the craftsmanship of leather, whose excellence and artistry are firmly linked to the name Leonardo Valentini.

The looks are filled with attitude, glam, and sexiness, showcased in the brand's first Fashion Show that concluded the LINEAPELLE fair on February 22, 2024.

The dominating color in the runway looks is black, accentuated by intense hints of shocking pink, white transparencies, and dark brown accents. Animal print and gold details are indispensable.

The range of accessories expands, featuring headpieces, durags, lavalliers, and embroidered leather neck bandanas.

The collection also includes small jewelry items such as pendants, earrings, grillz, and zebra-studded applications on elastic garter belts.

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