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"Body Sculture", Gaetano Navarra F/W 2024-2025.

Gaetano Navarra has distinguished himself for his unique creativity, embodying the excellence of "Made in Italy."

The Autumn/Winter 2024-25 Collection by Gaetano Navarra was showcased at the Eachway Art and Fashion Museum, and exhibited in the dedicated showroom area, designed to promote the integration of Italian craftsmanship savoir faire within the network of high-level showroom hubs, thus contributing to the Brand's ongoing growth journey.

The collection enchanted with craftsmanship embracing the forms of the female body, creating a precious aesthetic faithful to the brand's DNA.

Pure art returns in grand style this season, blending opposing cultural inspirations for virtuous pret-à-porter.

The '90s and the Art Deco of the '20s inspire exaggerated shapes and prominent embroidery.

Micro-dresses cling to the body with maxi holes in merino wool revealing the skin, while golden lurex adds a touch of oriental charm. Asymmetry, incompleteness, and hand-made work characterize the collection, with a palette ranging from black to bold gold.

"The Shenzhen Milan Lifestyle Week has shown that fashion is a bridge that unites East and West, and this synergy is stronger than ever. I am honored to have been a guest at this event with my latest collection," said Gaetano Navarra.

Discover more at IG @gaetanonavarra


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