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Boyarovskaya SS24 new collection.

The BOYAROVSKAYA SS24 collection is a captivating tribute to individuality, self-expression, and boundless energy.

Photo by Artem Kononenko

The collection features 24 outfits that showcase a departure from conventional fashion, blending sharp, edgy, and minimalist designs to create a fresh and innovative aesthetic.

Photos by Artem Kononenko

Boyarovskaya introduces the concept of "flat clothes," challenging traditional fashion norms by combining structural precision with graceful fluidity.

This collection invites people to break free from the mundane and embrace their unique style.

Photos by Artem Kononenko

To explore this sophisticated and creative fashion, you can visit the BOYAROVSKAYA

online store.

Photos by Artem Kononenko

Video by Nadia Doss | Artem Kononenko | Tobias Stampfli. Editing by Nadia Doss. Sound by Roberto Cusimano.


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