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Carlo Pignatelli with "Colori Vivi," the social and feminine tailoring that helps women in need.

Starting from the month dedicated to women, the brand inaugurates a series of projects in collaboration with the Social Enterprise to promote female inclusion through tailoring work.

Fashion as social redemption and a tool to promote the inclusion and independence of women, especially those who are less fortunate, who can regain their dignity through work.

A fusion of ethics and aesthetics that has always been at the heart of Carlo Pignatelli's philosophy.

The brand continues its support for organizations dedicated to protecting women's rights by collaborating with the social enterprise Colori Vivi.

Founded in Turin in 2016, Colori Vivi supports refugee women, promoting their inclusion, independence, and respectability.

This is achieved through work, tailoring, and the mastery of Made in Italy, which allows women who have been victims of war, violence, and poverty to integrate and reclaim their identity, becoming a social and economic resource for their community.

On the occasion of November, historically dedicated to the fight against violence towards women and their respect, Carlo Pignatelli has shown support for Colori Vivi by entrusting the tailors in their workshop with a series of orders related to garment repairs and minor alterations.

Furthermore, in the brand's future plans, there is the creation of an accessory line that will be entirely entrusted to the artisans of the Social Enterprise, further strengthening a collaboration that the brand strongly believes in.

"We have always been very sensitive to women's issues, and in particular, we lend our support to organizations like Colori Vivi that offer less fortunate women an opportunity for social redemption and reintegration into society," commented Francesco Pignatelli, the brand's creative director.

Colori Vivi has been offering refugee women and mothers a specific professional training program and job placement in the high-quality tailoring sector since 2017.

The aim is to accelerate their complex journey towards social inclusion and personal autonomy.

The ethical project of Colori Vivi focuses on producing garments with respect for the environment, as well as for the individuals involved.

They use precious deadstock fabrics from haute couture companies, along with textiles from controlled production supply chains.

This approach ensures that their production is sustainable and promotes responsible fashion practices.

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