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Clinica Forma Reveals the Secret to Forever Youthful Skin: Open Day on Skin Transformation, Skin Quality, and Health.

Medical Aesthetic and Dermatological Insights with Industry Experts to Preserve Skin Health and Keep it Radiant at Every Age.

Dr. Alessandra Pascali and Dr. Francesca Savalli

Clinica Forma opens its doors for the upcoming Open Day, Wednesday, February 14th at Via Cagnola 3 in Milan at 6:00 PM: a unique event dedicated to exploring skin transformation through the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine and skin evaluation from a dermatological perspective, to discover how it can be improved both aesthetically and health-wise.

During the Open Day, Clinica Forma's specialist doctors will share innovations in aesthetic medicine, focusing on skin rejuvenation while emphasizing the importance of regular preventive check-ups to identify and treat skin conditions, preventing more serious conditions.

The skin, our largest organ, plays a crucial role as a protective barrier against the external environment and significantly contributes to our appearance: skin issues, from aging to acne, from melasma to melanoma, can have both aesthetic and health implications.

During the Open Day, Dr. Alessandra Pascale, aesthetic doctor, and Dr. Francesca Savalli, dermatologist, will each delve into their unique approaches on how to assess skin health by proposing treatments for its improvement.

This event reflects Clinica Forma's philosophy in the field of Anti-Aging and longevity medicine, aimed at promoting healthy and conscious aging through cutting-edge medical approaches that promote the overall well-being of patients, embracing practices and treatments that not only improve aesthetic appearance but also encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the aging process.

Our life expectancy has increased over time thanks to better living conditions compared to the past, but also due to research results and our new ability to counteract the onset of diseases and fight them, when they arise, leading to a longer life.

All participants will have the opportunity to receive a free personalized initial evaluation, and for those interested who cannot attend, a special promotion will be available for an individual evaluation and/or to embark on a journey with Clinica Forma.

At the end of the Open Day, a healthy food aperitif will be offered to continue celebrating the well-being of the skin, sharing a moment of conviviality in a healthy and tasty way.

Anyone interested in participating in the Open Day can contact CLINICA FORMA at the following number: +39 02.38293022


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