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"Copyright Riga", Nap Atelier for Martino Midali.

Special project for the shopping bag Copyright Riga, whose proceeds will be partly donated to SVS Donna Help Women.




Many different names for a single graphic element, multifaceted and essential, capable of bringing together the worlds of design and fashion under the sign of an iconic sense of movement and fluidity that becomes style.

That recognizable style of Martino Midali, who has embraced the primary essence of the stripe making it an essential element of his iconography, alongside that of Nap Atelier, whose philosophy has always aimed to break the classical schemes of interior design with the complicity of mixed striped patterns in an innovative way.

The dialogue between the two aesthetic codes has given life to Copyright Riga, an installation hosted in the shop windows of Martino Midali's boutique at Via Mercato 6 during the Design Week, scheduled from April 14 to 21 in Milan.

An event designed to explore the intersection between fashion and design using stripes as the central element to highlight their versatility and ability to transform both clothing and environments into dynamic works of art.

The stripe is the exact measure of Martino Midali's style, which has made it a key protagonist of his collections, revealing its ability to give movement. Eclectic and irreverent, its very nature has allowed Nap Atelier to place it at the center of a series of furnishings - consoles, tables, and coffee tables - and hand-made striped design objects - lamps, cushions, fabrics, home accessories - in dialogue with the feminine creations of the brand.

All within an equally emblematic binomial, black and white, which has created an environment of strong impact, heterogeneous and bohemian, under the sign of the stripe reinterpreted in an innovative and modern way, perfect in every declination. "Stripes are a powerful tool of expression that can transform spaces and garments into dynamic and meaningful works of art: their versatility and visual impact make them fascinating to explore within the context of Design Week for an extraordinary aesthetic experience that combines fashion and design," declared Martino Midali and Stefania Passera on the sidelines of the partnership.

As a corollary of the collaboration, a special customized shopping bag called Copyright Riga has been created, and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the activities of SVS Donna Aiuta Donna (SVS DAD), a domestic violence center that helps and supports women to escape violence.

SVS DAD is part of the Anti-Violence Network of the Municipality of Milan, working to prevent and combat violence against women. It offers victims listening, welcome, counseling, legal assistance, job orientation, and psychological support.

Additionally, it focuses on training, information, and awareness-raising to prevent the phenomenon.

The president of SVS DAD is Alessandra Kustermann, who created the first public anti-violence center in Italy, opened in 1996 at the Mangiagalli Clinic of the Policlinico in Milan.

Nap Atelier is the Milanese reference point for those who want to furnish their home outside the ordinary, benefiting from the collaboration of renowned architects and interior designers whose roots lie in the world of fashion.

It's no coincidence that it's called an atelier, because here too one chooses the model, the color, and the detail of each creation as if it were an outfit to wear.

It was born from an idea of interior designer Stefania Passera, who has made the home the focal point of her creativity and has dedicated herself to interior design and furnishing accessories, encapsulating her style in collections based on a palette of soft colors and mixes of patterns in harmony with shapes and different shades designed under the sign of harmony and protagonists of the Milanese space in Via Privata della Braida.

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