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D.A.T.E. loves Japan: the iconic "Fuga" model offered in a teddy and limited edition for Japan.

Appointment at Junction Space in Tokyo for the Teddy inspired event, which confirms the strong bond between the Florentine sneaker brand and the Land of the Rising Sun.

Soft as a teddy bear.

Cozy and warm, very warm.

It's the teddy, the soft texture with seasonless appeal that D.A.T.E., the Florentine sneaker brand, has chosen as the protagonist of its special limited edition to literally cover its iconic "Fuga" model.

A new garment that is also capable of preserving the brand's values by enclosing them in a soft and light shoe, which with its sherling lining reveals a style that doesn't go unnoticed.

The limited edition "Fuga" has been created by D.A.T.E. specifically for the Japanese market - a market that is rapidly expanding.

The collaboration involves their partners, including major international department stores such as Isetan, Barney's New York, Beams, and United Arrows.

The aim is to create a shoe that combines Italian design with the typical attitude of Japan.

The special event, "D.A.T.E. FUGA TEDDY TOKYO", took place from November 16th to 18th at the Junction Space in Tokyo.

The space has been creatively set up with a Teddy-inspired theme, featuring surfaces covered in the materials used for the shoe, giant bear-shaped plush toys, street art graffiti, and vibrant colors that reflect D.A.T.E.'s urban DNA.

The event also offered teddy-themed catering and a gadget distributor.

"In recent months, the expansion of the brand in the Japanese market has further solidified," said Francesco Bozzi, Brand Manager of D.A.T.E, when discussing their strategy.

"Not only have we set part of our advertising campaign in Tokyo, but we have also created exclusive models in collaboration with our partners and developed activities in pop-up stores and corners of major department stores in the country."

Bozzi also mentioned that in the near future, the brand plans to create specially designed spaces that will use contrasting materials and a new color palette to strengthen the brand's perception and further spread its original signature.

D.A.T.E., founded in 2005, is a sneaker brand that embodies a story of authenticity, dynamism, and contemporary style.

The brand's name is an acronym formed from the names of its four founders: Damiano, Alessandro, Tommaso, and Emiliano.

With a strong emphasis on design, materials, and functionality, D.A.T.E. creates sneakers that reflect the latest trends while maintaining their distinctive identity.

The brand is committed to sustainability and upholds the values of the renowned Tuscan footwear manufacturing district, which is the brand's origin.

With a revenue of 20 million euros, D.A.T.E. has an extensive distribution network across over 950 multi-brand stores worldwide, as well as two flagship stores in Milan and Florence, serving as the focal points for the brand's ongoing expansion.

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