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D.A.T.E. Opens The New Flagship Store In Rome, Between Style And Identity.

Craftsmanship and future meet in the new Roman store of D.A.T.E., located in the historic center of the city, at Via Del Gambero 18.

This innovative space, spanning over 100 square meters, represents the new format destined to shape the aesthetics of future stores and corners of the brand.

The design and realization of this unique experience were curated by the renowned Milanese architecture studio NM3, with the aim of creating a contemporary space that represents the roots of the Florentine brand while celebrating the identity of Rome.

The contamination between Florence and Rome is evoked in the use of Carrara marble and Serpentino marble, also used on the Florence Cathedral, and travertine typical of Roman architecture.

This is complemented by other materials such as concrete, sprayed plaster, and design elements such as backlit panels, benches, and stainless steel carts.

A minimalist and contemporary aesthetic to provide the customer with an inclusive experience, amplifying the new classic identity and contemporary spirit of D.A.T.E. collections.

Save the date: April 5th for the official inauguration. Starting from 7:30 PM, the Flagship Store will transform into a vibrant setting with a DJ set to entertain guests, all accompanied by Heineken beers that will delight the palates of the many guests expected at the event.

But the surprises won't end there: on the -1 floor, an exclusive and private party, UNDER D.A.T.E., accessible by invitation only. The event is Powered by Heineken and enjoys the support of Vetz for the drink proposal at the UNDER D.A.T.E. Party.

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