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Four Fantastic Proposals for a Classy Valentine's Day.

Midali, Tombolini, Maryling, and Miss Bikini present their proposals for this romantic day.

Martino Midali.

Love is a perfect equation that has its own mathematics.

And chemistry is not involved, it's all a matter of feelings.

And style.

Martino Midali encapsulates his formula of love in a t-shirt capable of literally measuring the weight of a heartbeat.

A special calculation that the brand cleverly presents on the soft silhouette of its viscose jersey t-shirt, which becomes an emotional and meaningful canvas to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day and every other day of the year.

The heart takes the lead, in the calculation of those operations that, all together and without following the rules, yield the result of love, embracing colors, patterns, and iconic symbols to represent the exact formula of the sentiment.

Because it adds and subtracts, divides and multiplies: at the end of the day, all that remains is just love.

"Hearts. Loves that grow and hidden loves; loves broken with hearts that shatter and pieces that compose a heart. Hearts are the safe zone where dreams become strength and sharp edges draw flat areas, not to hold the color but to enhance it. "

Transparent hearts, fragile hearts: those are the ones signed by Emiliano Cavalli - Esc76, an eclectic creative defined as the "Artist of Hearts" who, ranging from painting to photography, from graphics to design, never loses sight of contemporary art trends, and whom Martino Midali has chosen to give shape to the vision of love.

The Valentine's Day t-shirt signed by Martino Midali is available in two color variants - in white and black - and will be on sale in the brand's boutiques and on the e-commerce platform in a limited edition at a cost of 120 euros.


The love declined in a sporty and sartorial style is the key element of the mid-season men's wardrobe staple for Tombolini, classic but lively, beloved and versatile because it is always capable of acquiring different forms and colors.

And becoming, as on the occasion of Valentine's Day, the perfect gift for him!

Smart and minimal, the midi length of the Tombolini trench coat adds that touch

casual that doesn't hurt while the technical fabric in which it is made makes it practical and functional,suitable for every situation and, above all, for every weather condition. The button closure, the hood and the contrasting colors between inside and outside complete its charismatic character.

The Tombolini trench coat is to be worn always and to be given as a gift on February 14th to complete contemporary masculine style.


Mischievous, hyper-feminine, and decidedly romantic: the girly aesthetic reinterpreted in a sartorial key is at the heart of the proposal that MARYLING dedicates to Valentine's Day.

Delicate and seductive, the trend that embraces the girlish attitude, illuminating it with a refined touch, is summarized in the knit two-piece that the brand has created for February 14th, but that is perfect for any other day of the year.

In an emotional palette that highlights shades of fuchsia and peach, the cropped knit with a polo cut, contrasting edges, and crafted in a classic diamond pattern interrupted by ton-sur-ton sequin stripes is designed.

It pairs with the mini skirt that echoes the same pattern, creating a bright chromatic crescendo.

Miss Bikini.

Valentine's Day, two hearts and a swimsuit. Signed Miss Bikini, of course!

These are the perfect ingredients to celebrate Valentine's Day in a romantic and original way according to the beachwear brand.

The heart of the proposal is the iconic model par excellence, the full rhinestone bikini with laces, which the Made in Italy brand has reinterpreted following its luxurious and sparkling style.

It is the texture in a brilliant pavé of rhinestones, which covers the surface of the swimsuit, that makes the difference: available in delicious degradé shades of pink, it envelops the wearer in brightness.

"It's your time to shine" is in fact the claim that embodies the new collection.

And there's more.

Thanks to the thin side laces, the bikini enhances every body shape because it adapts to female shapes without ever forcing them.

Much more than a gift but a promise of escape to a beach kissed by the sun and... your loved one!


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