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Francesca Liberatore a/w 2023-2024 new collection.

In collaboration with Errea brand.

Photo by Marco Lorè

Getting used to new performances as always, Francesca Liberatore welcomes her audience in the perfect setting of the “Salone dei Tessuti”‘ Galtrucco, location for the Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2023 – 2024.

This location married the ideals of the brand, as well as a history of fashion and culture to which the designer could not remain indifferent.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Again, she done it with creativity and innovation conveyed in what proves to be a fashion show based on carefully selected synergies.

Brought together under the creative vision of the designer, who identifies in the human relationship and in the collaboration with her partners the fundamental business success: “game to play and win with complementary strengths”.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Demonstrating this is a new entry among the Liberatore products, the sports capsule Francesca Liberatore with Errea .

The common thread of a narrative that arranges teamwork on parallel levels with the intuition of fashion intent:

“Sport, art, and fashion are closer realities than one might believe. They have to do with our lifestyle, our habits. The challenge is to be able to combine them together in the best possible way’, said Roberto Gandolfi, Vice President of Erreà Sport – “This collaboration represents a very significant professional challenge in which the ability to combine our being a producer with the sartorial culture has emerged”.

Photos by Marco Lorè

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