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Happy new fashion year with Ultimate Trendy Magazine!

Great news: new logo, new articles, new collaborators.

Great innovation at Ultimate Trendy Magazine.

First of all, a new logo made by one of our international fashion and glamor british photographer and graphic designer, Chris Instinct: modern and bold style, dynamic, intuitive and elegant, but always looking to the future.

A very bright future for our magazine as we will participate more massively in the next fashion events, starting from the upcoming Milan Men's Fashion Week, and then follow the Fashion Weeks in London, New York City (our magic city), Milan and, of course, Paris.

There will also be news addressed to our large group of followers from the Italian communities of N.Y.C., Philadelphia. Boston, Chicago, L.A., Miami.

As our new logo states, however, Ultimate Trendy Magazine will deal more deeply with the new worldwide fashions and trends of the moment: World Fashion!

Already in 2022 our magazine has seen several changes not only from a graphic point of view, but also from that of our editorial staff and its collaborators.

Many of whom are already actively participating in the creation of articles for our online magazine among which we are pleased to include two absolute prestigious fashion influencers and bloggers: Polina Erofeeva and Linda Pili, owner of the fashion blog "The Chic Jam".

The evolution has begun!

Get ready for new surprises!

Be positive!


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