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IKEA reveals TYG, a collection of pre-cut fabrics at Milan Design Week 2024.

IKEA introduce a collection of 3-metre pre-cut fabrics in cheerful and graphic patterns.

With 150 cm width and 300 cm length and made from 100 % cotton, these fabrics can be both machinewashed and ironed.

So go ahead: pull, tear, sew, glue, fold and cut. Don’t be afraid to test your way forward. The Tyg collection can be the start of a new adventure, a new you and a new tomorrow.

A piece of fabric is like an empty page – filled with possibilities. Use it to patch up your favourite jeans, create a fantasy creature, or make an apron with fifteen pockets.

Let your imagination guide you.

No creation is too small and no idea too grand.

The only way to see it is to make it and personality beats perfection every time!

Be proud to stand out from the crowd and create something different. A skirt for your vase, maybe?

Sew a drawstring into the hem of a round piece of fabric and pull the fabric around the waist of your vase to give it a whole new look.

With this technique, you can also cover up jars, create play mats and storage for toys, or make giveaway bags filled with goodies.

Just adjust the size of the fabric accordingly.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Be the curator of your own art gallery and find the beauty you wish to display by zooming in on a specific pattern part.

This is a great way to make use of leftover fabric and make every scrap of fabric count. Simply measure, cut out and staple the fabric onto a board and put it up on your wall.

Test your way forward and create something undefined.

Why not make an art piece soft enough to rest your head on?

With three seams, two strings and some padding, you can create a soft knot pillow and a playful decoration in one. This creation works wonders as extra storage for clothes, yarn and blankets.

Skip the padding and replace it with the stuffing of your choice.

Spice up your surroundings with fun patterns.

With colourful covers, you can transform any room and easily hide unflattering stains or scratches.

With a cut, a stitch and some thread, that worn-down thing will look good as new!

Repair, mend and customise your wardrobe in a way that’s totally you.

Add pockets to a shirt, make a simple tie or sew a skirt with only two seams and an elastic band.

By leaving the edge of the fabric as a natural hem, you can go from fabric to fashion in no time!

Never lose track of the remote control again.

Attach a pocket to the side of your armchair or sofa and it will always be close at hand. Find a matching fabric and get a one-of-a-kind seating in your very own design.

Bespoke furniture is only a few stitches away.

With small means, you can create accessories that are both functional and fun.

Like simple bangles that also act as pincushions.

Refresh your needlework look with only one seam, an elastic band and some padding.

Let your shelves go from plain and expected to colourful and eye-catching.

Make your storage beautiful and easy to navigate with the help of fabrics, scissors and a bit of glue.

Quickly transform your books, your boxes, your home and maybe even your life.

Mix and match patterns, colours and forms with a customised wall organiser.

Hang your favourite fabric over a wooden stick to keep it straight and add personalised pockets in different shapes.

This little friend helps keep track of all your favourites and since you make it yourself, you can ensure it fits all your stuff.

Do you have leftover fabrics from other projects?

No problem.

Sew all patches together without worrying about different sizes or colours.

Combine them all to create a room divider, curtain or quilt.

The result: a captivating and unique statement piece that also muffles noise.

IKEA will release four temporary pre-cut fabrics to the Tyg collection.

During summer, keep an eye out for the colourful MURREVA and HÄNGPELARGON.

And in winter, the warm and woody FJÄLLTÄTÖRT and SMÅFINGERÖRT.

Use them to cover up ventilation pipes or pillars and create art installations in your home.

Guesstimate your measurements and let the fabric be longer than the element you wish to cover for a deliberately wrinkled effect.

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