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John Richmond Spring/Summer '25 Collection.

John Richmond presents an inspired Spring/Summer 2025 collection in an evocative nod to the brand's core roots.

This season encapsulates the energy and chaos of an underground life, buzzing with energy, and culling the feeling of discovering everything old is new again.

Drawing inspiration from an endless personal exploration of subcultures, the collection is a vibrant celebration of the elements that have defined John Richmond since its inception.

The thoughtful confluence of people and places gives the clothing gravitas and an inherent authenticity which acknowledges an oft referenced social cosm, actually lived.

From inside the venue, posters from the late 70s music scene in London plaster the walls as a call-back to places like Blitz and Cha Cha Club.

The Northern Soul movement from the time inspired the season’s high waisted wide trousers, nipped in knit tanks, and embellished bomber jackets.

80s influence gives way to rave culture with posters for acid house club Shoom, and Peter Saville’s original artwork for Hacienda.

The 80s gives us Punk and New Wave silhouettes with exaggerated shoulders, DIY skirts, even kilts adapting style cues from an anti-establishment aesthetic, favoring a freedom fighting ideology.

Punk influences, deeply embedded in the brand’s DNA, show up as bleached skinhead jeans bisected with zips, hand-painted tattoo leather bikers, denim jackets glimmering with silver and gunmetal studs, and heavily embellished crystal dresses paired with black tulle crinoline miniskirts.

Black plays protagonist in the color palette, complemented by bold pops of fuchsia pinks and reds, mixed with soft earthy neutrals, dusty ivories, and deep cobalt blues, creating a strong, rich chromatic visual story.

In a sophisticat- ed turn, evening includes beautifully tailored pieces in fine wools and rich satin lapels, with silver jacquard floral tattoos adding a touch of luxury.

Exaggerated luxury sportswear elements feature twinset track sets customized with embroidered heritage patches and oversized printed MA-1 satin nylons.

Accessories play a significant role, with multi-lace leather bras, dog-clipped DIY handkerchiefs, luxurious silver Cuban chains, and heavy-duty platform fringe wedges and sabot loafers available in romantic suedes and tough, shiny patent leathers ripe with personality.

This collection is deeply personal, a nostalgic snapshot of John Richmond’s Manchester when Joy Division was just on the precipice of releasing their Iconic EP Unknown Pleasure”.

For the occasion, Richmond collaborated with Peter Hook on composing bits of drum and synth tracks, layering and cutting Joy Division with tube sounds, orchestral takes, grit, and noise culminating in one piece of music as soundtrack to the show.

This audio-visual homage underscores a defining moment for the brand propelling John Richmond into a new studied direction, taking cues from a storied history while exploring the great unknown of a future underground.

An exciting, vibrant fashion show that captured the soul, in which, among the many guests, the well-known fashion and celebrities stylist and PR agent Dilya Abilova participated; for the occasion, she wore an amazing outfit composed by a faboulous hand-made corset, jeans by Vetements and a wonderful bag by Heliot Emil.


Stylist: Gro Curtis

Casting Director: Shelley Durkan

Production: Urban Production

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