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Kiton Men's Collection Spring/Summer 2025.

Light filters in through the slats of the shutters, the sheets smell of fresh laundry and a suitcase has been delicately placed on the mattress, the custodian of a world in which elegance, practicality and refinement always find their place and scale.

The suitcase of Kiton experience, a brand which brings Italian excellence to the world, is a small universe which contains the needs and desires of men who are always on the move and who find their raison d'être in travel and infinite settings, from a flat in the heart of Soho to an old wood chalet in the Swiss Alps.


The 2025 spring-summer menswear collection starts precisely there: from elegance which goes well with any time of the day, morning or evening, and from bright, vibrant colourways which make any wardrobe intense and lively.

They’re tones that range from cool browns to bright yellows, ruby reds, greens and oranges which convey optimism and joy, making even the most classic ensembles innovative and carefree, proof that formality isn’t static, but alive and thriving.

Like the colours of the collection, the lines have also been softened, making the garments wider and more comfortable as they extend the functionality of jackets, trousers and shirting.

Nonetheless, they continue to guarantee their ability to adapt to any occasion, distinguished by unfading elegance.

The distinctive hallmark of Kiton DNA, as always, is the search for the finest and most prized materials, such as ultralight cashmere, cashmere-linen and cashmere-silk blends, and three or four-ply yarn, all made exclusively by the proprietary Carlo Barbera wool mill, able to exalt innovation in the composition of jackets and overcoats, jumpers and shirts, and able to win over the most discerning tastes.

Denim-effect fabrics which remain absolutely unaltered when washed are joined by prints and motifs inspired by the late Nineties, with large yet slender rectangles that look like they were plucked from a Josef Albers masterpiece, which make us realise that taste and elegance always find a way to make tradition contemporary and in step with the times.


Wider and softer silhouettes keep the Kiton man fresh as he plays with cool yet vibrant tones, without sacrificing the class and refinement which distinguishes him.

Then there are the accessories, the perfect finishing touches for Kiton looks thanks to constant studies of materials and styles.

Even the footwear collection is enriched by new designs, from finely crafted loafers in new shapes with youthful appeal to ultralight sneakers, including a new car shoe, able to stand out in formal settings.

With meticulous attention to detail and a surprising rediscovery of dyes and tones, the company looks to the present without sacrificing evolution and discovery, making the contents of the Kiton man’s suitcase comfortable, functional and elegant, able to accompany him on trips for work and pleasure, breaking up the monotonous grey which risks crushing creativity and ingenuity, flattening it with habit and routine.

At the Kiton SS25 presentation, held during Men's Milan Fashion Week, the guest of honor was the fashion/celebrities stylist and PR Agent Dilya Abilova, who looked elegant and refined in an extraordinary outfit by Victoria Beckham for Mango, shoes by Gianvito Rossi, and a magnificent bag by Fendi.

Dilya Abilova with CEO of Kiton and President of Pitti Immagine, Antonio De Matteis


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